Zzzz… How Sleeping Benefits Seniors

Zzzz… How Sleeping Benefits Seniors

As we grow older, sleeping can become a luxury for most of us, especially when our heavy workload gets the best of our day. However, we still need to put extra effort towards getting good sleep every night as this can provide long-term benefits for the body. As your quality providers of home care in Charlotte North Carolina, we advocate for the total wellbeing and health of your family, particularly the elderly members who are having a difficult time to sleep.

Here are some quick tips to make sleeping attainable for seniors:

  • Freshen up before bedtime.
  • Cool down the room’s temperature.
  • Ensure that the bed linens are fresh and clean.
  • Dim the room’s lighting to adjust the eyes to darkness.
  • Avoid drinking water and/or caffeinated beverages right before bedtime.
  • Have a great exercise on daytime to prepare the elderly to rest and relax.
  • Play relaxing music or inspirational audio to relax the mind.

If your senior loved one is staying with you at home, encourage them to find ways to sleep well as they can reap the following benefits:

  • Improves Memory
    When a person sleeps well, their body is at complete rest, allowing the cells to regenerate fully. Consequently, brain cells are able to flush out amyloid plaques that can accumulate in the aging person’s brain. These plaques have been found to be abundant in seniors diagnosed with dementia, a condition known to greatly affect the memory. Sleeping well is greatly associated with low presence of these plaques, hence, an improvement of their memory.
  • Increases Alertness
    Seniors can be at risk of falls, so providers of senior care in North Carolina may be recommended to keep them company for immediate assistance. However, when a senior is alert and agile, they can keep themselves steady whenever they can trip on something. When they’re able to get a good sleep, the level of alertness is raised.
  • Enhanced Skin
    The ideal sleep time for seniors is about 7-9 undisturbed hours each night. When they’re able to achieve this, the skin cells can have more time to regenerate well, thus, enhancing the overall health of a senior person’s skin. As their skin can be extra sensitive due to aging, they can regain skin health from sleeping well.
  • Better Mood
    Not being able to sleep well can always affect one’s mood. A senior person can be emotionally sensitive at their age, and helping them to sleep well enables them to overcome this struggle.

Are you checking the sleeping conditions of your senior loved one at home? Our team providing non-medical home care in North Carolina can also assist you in helping them achieve good sleep each night. If sleeping can become really troublesome, they might need medical interventions, in which case, they will need their doctor’s advice. If they need companions to their checkup, we can keep them company. Reach out to us at Devoted 2 Care.

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