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Home Care Services in Charlotte NC and nearby areas

Here at Devoted 2 Care, our main focus is to aid senior adults, veterans, recovering or disabled patients, and their family members in providing mobility support, home management, and respite care services that are essential if one would like to live an easy and comfortable household life.

We understand how aging, diseases, injury, or treatment procedures can hinder individuals from accomplishing simple household tasks that used to be so easy and doable. With our care providers who can offer Senior Care in North Carolina such as an extra pair of hands to help clean and organize the house, do laundry, cook and prepare meals while you once again enjoy the true comfort of being at home.

Since we are a patient-centered provider of Home Care in Charlotte, North Carolina, we usually recommend care plans for you or your patient after a thorough in-home assessment. Basically, here are the services that you may start with:

We also offer these services: