Medication Reminders

Medication reminders are more than just helpful – they can potentially save lives. We see to it that you get reminders from your caregiver and prevent skipping a dose or forgetting to take your meds entirely.

Medications prescribed by attending physicians are integral in the treatment and good health of any patient. These medications often help minimize symptoms, lessen pain and treat certain conditions. There are even instances when a patient will have to be prescribed multiple medicines.

At Devoted 2 Care, we highly recognize the value of medications in your health. We provide medication reminders to make sure that you are taking your meds:

  • at scheduled times
  • at the right dosages
  • with the right pills, especially when multiple medications are involved

Allow us to remind you regularly of your need to take your medicines. To proceed with our care, please contact 704-999-7742. You can also ask us about other services for Home Care in Charlotte, North Carolina.