Hospital/Facility Sitter Services

Is your loved one confined in a hospital for treatment or an upcoming surgery? They don’t have to stay in the hospital alone. They can have a sitter to keep them company and provide assistance when needed.

In case your family member needs to stay in a hospital for certain reasons, you might think that doctors and nurses will always be there by his or her side. However, this is not entirely the case since these medical professionals also have other duties to attend to.

During hospital stays, do not hesitate to engage the hospital/facility sitter services that Devoted 2 Care offers. With the presence of a sitter, you can have peace of mind knowing that someone is by your loved one’s side the whole time. Someone is also available to help your family member when needed, even informing the hospital staff of any change in the patient’s status.

We can be there for the patient when you or another member of the family is unable to. To request for a sitter or any of our services for Home Care in Charlotte, North Carolina, please contact 704-999-7742.