How to Determine If a Senior Adult Needs Help


Sometimes, a senior adult can be stubborn and refuse to ask for anyone’s help. Even when they are feeling unwell, they’d prefer to ignore their condition and pretend to be strong in front of family members and friends. In their perspective, only by staying strong can they keep themselves from becoming a burden.

As providers of home care in Charlotte, North Carolina, we suggest that you be vigilant. Here are some of the signs that a senior loved one actually needs help:

  • There’s a change in their habits

    A senior might lose interest in the things they used to enjoy doing. If you notice a significant change in a senior’s habits, then it may be time to consider giving them non-medical home care in North Carolina.

  • They neglect their cleanliness

    A senior might stop taking regular showers or dressing properly. They may even leave their homes unkempt. If a senior no longer keeps themselves and their home clean, you should look for homemakers providing senior care in North Carolina as soon as possible.

  • There is a drop in social interaction and participation

    Seniors may no longer want to go to those activities, events, or places they used to frequent. If there are changes in the senior’s behavior that cause other people to worry, then you should not hesitate to ask them if something is happening to them.

  • They exhibit unusual behavior

    You should be concerned when the senior gets agitated easily or becomes unusually loud or quiet.

  • They forget a lot of things

    You might notice that they forget more and more things. They might forget about due dates for bills and dates for specific events. Forgetfulness is also a sign of an age-related disease. In that case, seek help from a physician.

With these signs, you should be able to provide proper care to the senior at the right moment. If you need to hire non-medical healthcare professionals, Devoted 2 Care can provide compassionate and trustworthy care to seniors. Don’t hesitate to talk to us at 704-999-7742.

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