Home Care vs. Nursing Homes: The Better Choice for Seniors

Home Care vs. Nursing Homes: The Better Choice for Seniors

Looking over options for senior care in North Carolina for your aging parents can be an overwhelming task. Your senior loved ones may no longer be able to take care of themselves or live fully independently, and it’s time to pick just the right care tailor-fit to their needs. This is a decision that should be taken with utmost thought and consideration, and we give you here a comparison of two likely options: Home Care and Nursing Homes.

Home Care:

  • Focused care – Receiving care right at home means that the focus of care is right on your loved ones. Their undoubtedly unique and complex needs can be addressed directly without the fear of neglect as there will be no competition for the attention of their caregiver.

    More than that, since their non-medical needs are unique, they will also require a care plan that is personalized for those needs. When looking for non-medical home care in North Carolina, make sure the service provides tailor-fit care plans. Devoted 2 Care is one that does!

  • Comfort – Compared to the foreign environment of nursing homes which tend to overwhelm seniors, your aging parents may feel much more comfortable receiving care right at their own home, where they have made countless memories and established routines. Homes can always be made to be more safe for your loved ones.
  • Continued normalcy – Your senior loved ones can continue living life in a way they always have. In-home care does not disrupt their daily living drastically, but can in fact make them easier to follow and maintain, now that your aging loved ones have assistance.

Nursing Homes:

  • Sense of community – Nursing homes, being a facility caring for many seniors under one roof, may have a sense of community among its residents where they can forge friendships with each other. This may mean, however, that your senior loved ones will have to leave behind the neighborhood where they already have good friends and neighbors they have come to see regularly and become close to.
  • New environment – Nursing homes provide a new and fresh environment. This can be something positive or otherwise, depending on your loved ones’ needs and preferences. For this, it is best to consider how they feel about moving away.
  • Accessibility of care – Nursing homes may have professional caregivers on-site as well, making care accessible to residents. However, the quality of care may be compromised as caregivers have to tend to many seniors simultaneously on the regular.

So, which is better for you?

Taking all these considerations and more, which is better? For care that is personalized, easier to transition to, and more affordable, opt for in-home care. For especially high-quality home care in Charlotte, North Carolina, consider Devoted 2 Care Home Care for your senior loved ones today! Give us a call for a free in-home assessment today.

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