Embracing the Comforts of Home Care


Let’s give our loved ones that comfort of staying and aging in the comforts of home through home care service. What best possibly describes the experiences of comfort we can get from home care? Devoted 2 Care has gathered several benefits of home care that will help you embrace home care in Charlotte North Carolina.

  • Support

    Supporting yourself as you age can be difficult. We don’t want to intrude for help as well from our family members who have their own responsibilities. As a family, we simply can’t stomach our aging parents going through tough times of aging. To even out and address both needs, home care service serves as a bridge providing satisfaction to the family. Support doesn’t have to come from a facility wherein a lot of personal adjustments are to be made. Home care service provides devoted support to our loved one’s needs.

  • Full attention

    As senior adults, we need full attention in terms of aid in doing daily life activities. Home care services enable us to manage the pain we feel especially during movement. We are given full attention since home care service is tailored to our needs and to the nature of our mobility pains and difficulties. We don’t have to constantly call people for assistance since convenient help through home care is present even before you ask for it.

  • Ease and family comfort

    Being able to see our loved ones daily puts us at ease. Our worries are lessened and we can avoid the heavy feeling of missing a loved one. We don’t need to schedule visits to a facility as well which is one good benefit of having home care service.

  • Companionship

    While we go about our day, we tend to leave our loved one alone at home. This, of course, isn’t the safest practice. With a home care provider, our loved one will have a companion at home. We’re not limited to just assistance on personal care but we enjoy a good movie or a nice round of scrabble, and other games just as much as anybody else. We’d be glad to accompany and keep you entertained throughout the day as part of our home care service.

  • Improvement

    As the years add up, we can experience difficulty with the changes that come along with it especially when we can’t seem to find the appropriate coping style. With home care service, however, the confidence in our loved one can be improved. Partnered with counseling from your care provider, overcoming the stress of our golden ages is possible.

We provide you with quality non-medical home care in North Carolina. Our services help families enjoy life together and improve quality of life for the recipient of our services. To help your loved one or a friend, call for our services at 704-999-7742 or send us an email at devoted2carenc@yahoo.com.

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