Did You Know Seniors Could Remain at Home Comfortably?

Did You Know Seniors Could Remain at Home Comfortably?

Before you set your decision about sending your senior loved one to a care home, take some time to consider why getting a home care might be a better option instead.

Sure, the concept of a care home may be more alluring at first glance for there are private rooms and prepared meals, but is that enough to make your senior loved one happy? In truth, won’t they be more comfortable staying at home, but with just an extra pair of hands to help them around the house?

Well, first things first… let’s try to consider what home care services have to offer that care homes can’t.

With home care in Charlotte, North Carolina, your senior loved one doesn’t have to…

  1. Adjust to unfamiliar settings.

    Just think about how you would feel if you were in their shoes. Think about not being able to wake up in the same bed you’ve shared with your spouse for so many years. Think about being away from the garden you’ve spent a lot of effort to cultivate.

    Sure, they may sound like menial things. But they are matters that money cannot buy, and they are matters that mean a lot to your senior loved one.

  2. Be away from the people they love.

    You might say, “It’s not a problem, the care home is just a couple of hours drive.”. That may be how it starts, but soon you might feel that those couple of hours seem to stretch longer than they should. Eventually, you might even feel discouraged to visit your senior loved one.

    Having them stay at home is better. You can just drop by quickly or they can come to visit you!

  3. Miss family gatherings.

    Family is everything, wouldn’t you agree? They are the people who will stick with you no matter what and life is more fun when you get to celebrate even the smallest triumphs with them. Although your senior loved one may no longer be the star of the party (the grandkids have probably taken the spotlight!), being a part of family gatherings still means a lot to them.

  4. Give up the hobbies they enjoy.

    It’s not just the hobbies, either. It also comes with the kind of company they have when they do those hobbies. At a care home, your senior loved one will no longer be able to share gardening tips with their next-door neighbor. Or they would no longer be able to bake some cookies with their grandchildren.

In light of it all, having your senior loved one close is a better option in terms of keeping both their physical and emotional health in top shape. By choosing senior care in North Carolina offered by Devoted 2 Care, you will not only be keeping your senior loved one’s best interest in mind, but you will also be keeping your family ties stronger!

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