Defeating the Mental Barriers of Exercising: How Home Care Services Can Help


After an injury, illness, or disability, your doctor may advise you to engage in an active lifestyle. However, if you’re undergoing major mobility issues, the idea of exercising can be far from your mind. Despite doctor’s recommendation, you might already have pre-conceived ideas that keep you from pursuing the active lifestyle.

In this post, we have compiled the common mindset that has kept people with mobility challenges from exercising and how our home care services can be of help in overcoming such barrier. Let this encourage you to move towards what’s right and healthy for your body.

  • Barrier #1: Feeling self-conscious about your disability
    How we can help: When you have a mobility problem, you might feel conscious about doing workout routines in front of many people. Remember though that you can always exercise at home. With assistance from providers of non-medical home care in North Carolina, you can arrange your place to have some space for your routines. You can even request workout coaches to simply visit you at home and care providers can assist you in accommodating them.
  • Barrier #2: Fear of injury
    How we can help: It’s a normal feeling to be afraid of hurting yourself again, especially if your disability is caused by a previous injury. You can avert this by starting with routines that have a low risk and then slowly build yourself up. Our care providers can assist you in performing such routines and even prepare your equipment for you.
  • Barrier #3: Lack of motivation
    How we can help: There will come a time that motivation will be elusive when it comes to finishing a workout routine. Our care providers can keep you company and go through the routine with you so that you will be encouraged to keep going.
  • Barrier #4: Lack of skills
    How we can help: While some exercise activities do require a particular set of skills (for instance, swimming), this is not always the case. Light exercises, such as walking, jogging, or even climbing the stairs are doable by any person. Our team providing home care in Charlotte North Carolina can go with you in these activities so you can make it to completion.
  • Barrier #5: Boring
    How we can help: The repetitive idea of some exercise routines can be truly boring, especially if you’re not really used to them. But do you know that there are video games that can qualify as exercise routines, too? Thanks to technology, there are now simulated tennis, bowling, and other video games that can provide fun exercise even for those who are wheelchair-bound. Our team will just be on standby to watch out for your safety as you engage in these exercises.

Our team at Devoted 2 Care is here to support and assist you as you pursue the active lifestyle even in the face of physical limitations. We also provide senior care in North Carolina, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need our service.

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