5 Ways to Help a Senior with Eye Problems


One of the most common ailments seniors face is eye disease. It is very common for seniors to wear a pair of glasses as they age. The older they are, the more difficult it is for them to see and read. As a provider of home care in Charlotte, North Carolina, we recommend these tips to help seniors with eye problems:

  1. Let them eat a balanced diet.
    Carrots are a good example of foods that improve eyesight. These contain large amounts of vitamin A, which is extremely beneficial to one’s vision. Foods that are rich in vitamins C and E are great as well, along with food rich in copper and zinc.

    As a provider of non-medical home care in North Carolina, we encourage you to provide seniors with healthy food.

  2. Make them do eye exercises.
    Start with warming the eyes by rubbing the hands together and pressing them on the eyes for a few seconds. Do this three times. Then let them roll their eyes ten times in one direction and another ten in the other.
  3. Let them get enough sleep.
    Older adults need to get as much rest as possible. It is during sleep that the body recovers and repairs itself. The same thing goes for the eyes. Daytime and afternoon naps are also recommendable.
  4. Create an eye-friendly environment.
    The glare from screens damages the eyes. Dim lighting, fluorescent lights, and swimming pool chlorine are not good for the eyes either. Reduce exposure to these things to maintain their eyesight.
  5. Avoid smoking.
    Whether it’s first-hand smoke or second-hand smoke, smoking can contribute to blindness. Smokers are more prone to eye problems when they are aged 50 and above. Encourage a senior to avoid smoking to reduce the risk of losing their eyesight.

These are just some points to remember if you want to help a senior maintain or improve their eyesight. If you need more health tips from a provider of senior care in North Carolina, talk to us at Devoted 2 Care at 704-999-7742.

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