5 Bad Stressors You Should Avoid


It is normal to hustle and do the things we need to do in order to survive. While there are things we cannot control, there are things we also can. When we find ourselves in a difficult situation, it is important to remember simple things like breathing exercises, quick meditation and the power of glasses of water.

Since there are things we can control, our providers of non-medical home care in North Carolina have listed five bad stressors you need to look out for. These stressors are controllable and we always have the choice of how to respond to them.

  1. Negative people and negative thinking
    These are considered as the strongest stressors, especially when your emotions usually rule your thought process. There are people who overwhelm us and tend to be unhealthy for us in their own respective characteristics. Our mentality, in return, bears the weight of this negativity. Talk to the people that pull you down, or keep them at arm’s length. Train your thoughts to work with positivity and goodness than the negativity.
  2. Holding grudges
    This will make you overthink and carry a heavy burden in your chest. It will not do you any good. Yes, things get difficult. Yes, people may hurt us and step on us. Yes, things change – nothing stays the same. Don’t blame anyone or anything. Just learn to accept the things and the people as they are – we have no control over anything that has already happened. What we can do is make better decisions, choose our words and actions, and let go of whatever is bad and unhealthy for our well-being.
  3. Failures
    Stop being too hard on yourself, as these failures come naturally – because we work hard and hustle every day. Instead of pulling ourselves down, why don’t you choose to improve? Improve work. Improve at handling responsibilities. Improve your actions. Improve yourself.
  4. Procrastination
    It a way of draining us – more than our responsibilities, our chores, our jobs. Procrastination wastes our times, our brain power and our talents and skills. While taking breaks and short rests can do wonders, procrastinating wrongly could ruin us as well. Always make sure that you are productive and doing things that are healthy for yourself.
  5. Worrying
    One worrying thought leads to another fear and you overthink – creating scenarios that are not even possible. Practice shifting your thoughts to something more pleasing, at least. Do not sell yourself short. Do not listen to what other people are saying. Do not care about negative things and what negative people say. Be so busy loving yourself and people that you have no time for anything that tries to break you.

At Devoted 2 Care, we have compassionate staff who can help you achieve stress-free living at home through our services providing home care in Charlotte North Carolina. Set an appointment with us today so we can get started on making things easier for you at home as you work on living a stress-free life.

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